Well this was inevitable. 

We’re planning to come back to South Africa in October. Tourourarma.

Last time we came, in 2010, we had our hearts totally melted. We’ve played basements, houses and reclaimed bunkers around the world and still that small run of gigs is what we talk about when people ask us the most punk shows we’ve done. There’s this amazingly uncynical and techsavvy and colourful generation that have pretty much set up their own microcosm of the entertainment business,and the practical result of that was a bunch of shows/clubs/media things that felt like a week long community party.

It was incredible and so we want to come do it again and better. We’ll put dates up soon but in the meantime we have a bunch of plans that may or may not be possible. So if you’re Safrican and want to get on board in any way, then get in touch with us.

any arts & crafts peeps/video makers/artists/writers/musicians/self facilitating media nodes and local businesses, anyone that wants to be involved is welcome. Obvs we’re in this to improve our holiday tour but if there was ever a place where we could pull off this ideal of everyone whose into our shit getting a platform for their own shit then this is for sure the place.

We’d also like some form of street team advance ghost patrol to flyer for each show and stick up posters etc, if you volunteer then you’ll get gls and some cool things will happen..

..and that’s pretty much all we can say till we assemble everyone and know how many of our grand plans we can practically achieve. Do any of you own a helicopter? 

If yr interested in being a part of whatever rolling carnival this is going to turn into, mail johnnyforeigner@hotmail.co.uk with where you are and what you do and we’ll be in touch.


(pic by anja venter)


Things! Stuff!

hello there you guys. So we’re midway thru festival season and you’ve been all sorts of excellent. We still have 2000 trees and One Beat and Truck and some more we can’t talk about yet, but yeh, thanks for coming over to our bit of noise.

now give us money plz.


New Bandcamp! - Alwaysthebarmaidneverthebar.

19 song super-fi live album. (recorded by a proper adult with multiple microphones and a sense of pride)

New Tshirt:::::::

This shirt is a preorder, but preorder now and you get a free exclusive 4 song download ep because we’re kinda excellent too. XOXOXOXO


JF UK YCDB tour 2014 pt 4

europe next!


April 2014 Euroshows

now with added clicky links! see you soon, Europaland

10th April : La Graviere, Geneva

11th April : Az, Aachen

12th April : La Taverne du Theatre, La Louviere

15th April : Potrva, Prague

17th April : Klub, Zagreb

18th April : Klub, Rijeka

19th April : La Svolta II, Milan

20th April : Molotov, Marseille


You'll probably want to hear this      

We did 4 songs for an Amazing Radio session. They asked for something old so we resurrected a song we lost in 2007. And also, it’s thee Best Sounding Session we’ve ever done, thx martin♥. This goes out live tonight at 9pm, Yookay Time.



I’ve just proved that being punk rock and being a teenage girl is exactly the same thing help.

This is kinda dumb but my heart crackedva little tonight. I’ve been selling merch for 5 S*****s of S****r and A** T*** L**. I mean, they’re practically the same band; and each show has been surrounded by 1000s of kids hanging round the venues all day like a displaced emo tribe. Every now and then I’ll pop out for a smoke and idk if it’s the front fringes or the overdrinking or the general mass sense of excitement, but I always feel more of an affinty with the crowd than the venue staff I end up talking to. Venues hate shows like these cos they’re super hectic and long, they’ll grumble about crowd control and pre-drunks causing hassle, and, when I can be bothered, I have an almost stock response; that I’m honest jealous of them; I wish the bands I loved were popular enough to cause spontaneous street parties every day, instead of the standard 8pm trickle into a darkened venue with no budget for laser lights

Sure, these bands are just kids tv presenters with guitars, and they’re selling record amounts of merch cos the lil emos are happy to believe they have a better bond, that these dudes empathise in a way that less eyelinery and tattooed bands don’t. That showbiz con is the literal opposite of punk rock values. The kids on the streets and around the buses tho, these gangs that pop out of the internet for a day to celebrate, street drinking and making friends with their shared soundtrack, that’s pure tru punx. I wish our bands had that power, I wish our gangs were that big. It doesn’t matter if their idols are false when their community is so real.

SO Anyway, tonight I was saying this to a showsec doorman, and he was like, - nah mate, this is just a teenage girl thing innit. And the hired goon was right; there are popular bands, and then there are popular with teenage girl bands. I asked him why, and he said that it’s probably cos they’re too stupid to know better. Y’know, cos it’s a con, right? Just a different fresh paint scheme for the same grinding mundane industry, with a set demographic too inexperienced to know they’re not special. They still think the bands are regular approachable normal humans. They’re naive enough to invoke proud tribal significance in the branded merchandise they buy. They obsess, they collect, they still believe that there’s hope in pop soHOLY SHIT THAT’S US. Whatever spark that is, that fierce individuality that isn’t really individuality at all but a collective, a clique open to anyone with the same taste. That singing along because the words mean something more than just karaoke. Guys, that’s totally us and you. And it’s not stupidity, it’s empathy. That we havn’t had knocked out of us yet.

This is obviously why Warped Tour still havn’t got in touch with us. We’d slay those fuckers. Our own UK tour starts Thursday, click up there to see dates. Feel free to turn up whenever.. 

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the mandy morbid of indie rock. never got the cash for flights but we've sure seen a lot of cock. put our best shots on our own blogs and hope to god we're still hot. cos between us, you, and her, i think that's all we've got.


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